src-include Error

Hi comunnity
I have some TSD files, created with the Tamino converter. But when i try to define the schema in the DB, Tamino responses with an src-include error. All the files are in my local file system. Why tamino or the schema editor can’t find it. (Names are rigth).


the basic paradigm is that each schema referenced by an xs:include or xs:import within a schema to be defined in Tamino must already be defined within Tamino.

Hence, if you look at the schema documents as a graph whose nodes are the schema documents and the edges are represented by the import/include statements, you have to define the schemas bottom-up.

Things become a little more difficult, if the graph is no more directed but contains cycles. Then you have to modify selected schemas temporarily in order to break cycles and to convert the graph directed graph - then define all schemas bottom-up. Finally, you have to update the modified schemas with the original ones.

With Tamino 4.4, means to define entire clusters of schemas will be available.

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