cannot use <xs:include> in TSD4 schemas ?!?


I just discovered that one cannot use the include tag in TSD4 schemas. I wanted to use it for my library schema that contains my data definition elements. From what I understand, if that schema has no namespace, it’s a “chameleon” schema, and you’re supposed to use the include tag to have it become part of the schema you’re importing it into.

So, how am I supposed to accomplish this with the import tag ?



No way out. You have to copy the content of your “data definition elements” schema. The next schema editor version will help you by converting include and redefine.

Sorry, this was the wrong answer.

The import of this “chameleon” schema works, too. Simply omit the namespace and specify the schemaLocation only. Restriction is that the importing schema needs a targetNamespace.

Again I was missing something… :wink:

If you use import the content of your “data definition” schema will not become part of the importing schemas targetNamespace. These elements will stay namespaceless, prefixless.