xs:include didn't work.

I am using Tamino on Windows 2000 Professional.
I have a problem with Tamino Schema Editor.
I read Release Notes of Tamino Schema Editor Documentation that Tamino support “include” of W3C XML Schema.
But “include” command can’t be chosen from the insert menu of Schema Editor. It doesn’t exist.
Is there any way to solve include? And is there any way to solve import without namespace?
Thank you for your help.

xs:include is not supported by Tamino Server 4.1.1.

However, all kind of XML Schema nodes - and so xs:include - and properties can be added, removed or edited in the XSD view of Tamino Schema Editor.

Defining schema files in Tamino is only possible from TSD3 or TSD4 view.

If you have a schema with an xs:include statement (XSD view) and try to switch to TSD4 view you should get an appropriate error messsage, since this is not supported by Tamino 4.1.1.

Tamino Schema Editor in its current state provides only rudimentary help to convert XML schema constructs, not supported by Tamino 4.1.1, to Tamino 4.1.1 compatible ones (an upcoming community release of the schema editor will provide a better handling of these XML schema constructs).

So you either have to fix the schema manually within Tamino Schema Editor (pasting the content of the included schema beneath schema root) or you can use the free available conversion tools (Tamino Schema Conversion Tools for Tamino XML Server 4.1 ) from the community, see link below.


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