XMLCoder decode invalid data type: wm.server.net.FTPInputStream


Whenever a document is put the error XMLCoder decode invalid data type: wm.server.net.FTPInputStream is thrown in server logs. Our webMethods 7.1.2 RG server mime.types files contains entry (text/xml - xml rdf owl ndf xsd xsl xslt) for xml.

Does anything needs to be added to the mime.types to fix this error? If not, what is missing which may cause this error?

Please provide your inputs. Thanks in advance.

your query is still not clear.

What are you trying to do? you mean the receiving XML to a service or TN or via FTP or thru a file port? what is the service input you have?

if the content type is text/xml it should work by default:


.xml files are put through RG 10990 port(FTPS). This error is thrown as soon as a file is posted to the ftp destination. I didn’t find the code ISC.0076.0007W in webMethods error reference also.
[ISC.0076.0007W] XMLCoder decode invalid data type: wm.server.net.FTPInputStream
The mime type entry mentioned in my previous post is the only entry we have for xml. @RMG: Hope I gave the details asked for.

Are you putting as stream data to the destination? what the inputs you are mapping the ftp service?

Even you get the error is the xml file transmission not reaching the destination and could not open the file?


yes, The inputs are picked up from the XML file that is being put at the location(destination) by the client after logging in to the RG server in question. Even though error is thrown, the file is processed. The file could be opened, no issues.

OK great:

But still we need to offset that error. Given that error code is not found in error reference also. Additionally errors like:
550 [ISS.0071.9014] Server Error: Could not handle file &
Connection closed by remote host
errors are thrown. Any suggestions?


“Connection closed by remote host”

Normally this error indicates may be its due to file transfer timeout or large file being ftped and taking time and remote server close the connection abruptly.

Have you check with your network team or site owner also?