XML Reading.

Hi All,

   It has been one month i am into webMethods. I would like to explore more on XML, EDI, XAD etc...Could any one please suggest some books to get a good grip on these topics and that will also help in applying to webMethods.

Thanks in Advance.

Start with webMethods developer user guide and built in services guide,these are available on Advantage.

You can explore into default samples packages/services provided in the IS/Developer like (WmSamples,WmEDISamples etc…) assuming your IS installed and running up.


Altova, the maker of the leading XML and WSDL design tools, has some good FREE online training on using XML Spy. Of course, the W3C specs on XML schema are a good source as well, if a bit technical.

Of course, you can also download a free 30-day evaluation version of XML Spy to get you started.



Thank you so much. Those xml tutorials are really useful for me.

Thank you,
Veera Chitturi.