X-Node License

I’ve an X-Node license for my Tamino V server and I successfully connected a MS-Access database and a SQL-Server 2000 database.
We’d like to import data from another relational database (4th-Dimension) over ODBC.
I tested the connection and everything looks good from the server side, except that X-Node complains with:

"ODBC error occured;X-Node license missing for 4D Se ".

Does this mean, not all ODBC sources can be accessed by X-Node? Or is an extra X-Node license required?

Thanks for help, rene

X-Node licenses are limited to the following SQL databases servers on Windows 2000/NT: MS Access, MS SQL server, Adabas D, Oracle, DB2, Informix, and Sybase. This means other ODBC sources (such as 4th dimension) are not supported. Maybe SAG could supply a one-off special licence file to include this ODBC database (4th dimension) but it would be totally unsupported, and for that reason they would probably be reluctant to supply such a license.