Which Databases thru X-Node?

Can somebody tell me which databases can be accessed via X-Node in NT and in Linux environments?

Thanks and best regards

Hi Juergen,

As far as know for NT/W2000 you can access any X-Node database that is listed in the license file, so this can be one or more of: Adabas D, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, MS Access, Adabas C, Informix and SQL Server. The license scheme will reject any other ODBC datasources.

Apart from Adabas C these are accessed by ODBC and I do not know if the ODBC connectivity is available on Linux. I would have thought Adabas C would work because it uses XTS to communicate to the remote Entire Net-work.

Thanks Stuart, the latest reply that I’ve gotten by support concerning the LINUX version is as follows:

XNode is not supported on Linux in this version. All license keys are set to ‘no’ under XNode.

Why does X-Node not support any ODBC datasource?
Is there a technical reason?

thanks, rene

I don’t know if there are any technical reasons for there not being any X-Node support in Tamino for SuSE Linux. The ODBC implementation is provided by Datadirect Sequelink ODBC and v5.2 of this is released on Linux : so I think one can expect that X-Node will be available on Linux at some future point in time. My understanding is that this is being planned but I don’t know anymore that this.