X_NODE for Adabas SQL server

env: INS312, ESQ143, OSZ411
prob: no X_Node exit for Entire Access for ODBC
driver ( TOD ) exist.

rem: i have setup the following:
ADABAS file access via SQL/ODBC and mapping
via X_Node using an ODBC data source setup.

Adabas SQL Server (ESQ) is not supported by X-Node as far as I know, but you can use X-Node to map to Adabas/C directly.

of course you are right with the reply. we have the possiblity of mapping directly, but using ODBC mapping :
1. the setup is much easier as the setup for
ADABAS mapping
2. in the future we will have ESQ much deeper
inside of ADABAS
3. some functions like accesPredicate are not
available with ADABAS mapping
4. to have a full qualified integration with
software ag products