X-Node- ODBC error

when i tried to define my schema which is mapped to x-node, to the database i got this error.

ODBC error occurred ;X-Node license missing for Microsoft SQL

How can i get out of this error.

additional info.
1. i’m using Windows NT server.
2. DSN is a System DSN.

  1. i’m trying to connect to Microsoft SQL Server Service Manager version 8.x
    4. i’m using Tamino Developer Edition

You need X-Node for Microsoft SQL ennabled in your Tamino License file.
You can see it in Tamino Manager, click on
and there your license appears.
Look for:
-Component | TaminoXnode
--DBMS | SQL DBMS enabled in your license.


- Component TaminoXNode
- - DBMS SQL Server, Informix, ACCESS, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ADABAS D, ADABAS
- Component TaminoSQL
- - SQL no

when i define the schema to a database it is giving me the error.

i’m using Microsoft SQL Server Service Manager
version 8.00.194

Try the last advice here


while defining schema to database i got this error:

ODBC error occured;State: HYC00Native Error:106 [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]Optional feature not implemented

what does this error signify?

i followed your suggestion and gave it as


I’ve got entangled
Do you use MS SQL Server or MS Access?

First i did with sql server and later tried with access but the error is same for both…

I’ve tried both with MS SQL Server and Access. Everything seems to be OK.

For MS SQL Server:
Microsoft SQL Server:Northwind

For MS Access:

The first part of datasource property is DBMS name (or driver name). The string must be exactly the same as in your licence file. The second part is DSN.

In almost cases you can use just DSN. But there is a problem with MS SQL Server 2000. Specifying correct driver name solves it.

My configuration:
MS SQL Server 2000 (SP2) v8.00.534
MS Access XP