X-Node error, about the ODBC driver and the license

I download a tamino server trial version, and i want to have a try with the X-Node, I use ODBC wizard in the Schema Editor, it successfully find the datasource , but when i define the scheme using x-plore, it can’t find the datasource and ODBC driver, the error code is INOXME8505.

I guess imaybe it is because i am using the trial version. Does the X-node need a different license with tamino server? and does the trial version provide such license for X-Node?


I believe the starter kit does provide some X-Node functionality, but the install.txt file for Tamino in the V414 Starter Kit says “The following feature restrictions apply to this evaluation version … X-Node functionality is not fully supported…”.
So the only thing I can suggest is to check that your ODBC DSN is a System DSN, not a User DSN (in Windows Control Panel). If this does not help, you could contact your local Software AG affiliate to arrange a formal trial of a fully licensed and supported Tamino.