x-Broker error

when x-broker tries to pull a new contract created from X-Registry, we get the following error message. Can you please throw some light on its cause and how this could be avoided?

PS: We are trying with the sample services provided in xbroker ad we have followed every step till the contract certification with success.

INFO - Negotiator - Soap Fault The service Broker does not


ERROR - EventDelegator - Event <InfravioObject name="ERROR-EVENT



SOAP Fault :The service Broker does not



I guess you are using the Subscription Mechanism to get the contracts from
X-Registry to X-Broker.

In case that is what you are using please check the ‘Subscription Endpoint’ that you entered while creating the ‘Target’.

The endpoint is supposed to be

Replace the [xbroker.host]:[xbroker.port] with the appropriate values.

ps: The problem seems to be occuring because the subscription endpoint specified in the Target is Broker but the original service is BrokerSubscriptionService [no spaces or other characters between]


I am Grace Stanley. Today I use this forum first time. I like all part of the forum and I learn very much from your forum. Please give me the more guidance about webmethods X-broker. I m very happy after using this forum and I appreciate your guidance.

Thank You.