Integrating CentraSite GE 7.1.2 with X-Broker 7.1.2

Hi all,
I’m having troubles with the following situation:

  • When I Add a Contract at Repository I don’t have able to make requests with SOAP clients. For example, when I try make request with a CentraSite built-in Demo functionality, the following error is presented to me:

I attached files with my informations about the integration between CentraSite GE and X-Broker.

Where Am I making mistakes? Suggestions?
Thanks for your help!

Hi everybody,
I got more detail information about my situation.

The attached files are log traces of CentraSite and X-Broker when I’m trying perform a certification of a contract.

My environment informations:

:arrow: Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
:arrow: Java 1.5_21
:arrow: CentraSite GE 7.1 SP2
:arrow: X-Broker 7.1 SP2
CentraSiteGE.log (3.27 KB)
X-Broker.log (734 Bytes)

Hi Moacy,
You need to first make sure the contract is deployed in the X-Broker. Check the policyenforcer.xml in X-Broker for the contract details.

I would recommend you to upgrade to the latest fix and try again (7.1.2 Fix 6)