Problems using XML Servlet and SOAP Mapping

Hi there,

I have a problem to integrate a natural rpc server using the XML Servlet (with XMM file):
The request was accepted by the servlet and directed via broker to host. The rpc returned with a response, but not as SOAP response.
Using XML tester returns a valid SOAP response, so I guess this might be some servlet configuration problem. I used Tomcat 4.1.27 LE / JDK 1.4.2 and EXX 7.1 / entirex.war.

Can anybody help?

Marko G

for testing

soory, web archive seems to be corrupted … first for you the trace file

the war-file, tried a second time …

Please try again 1 call after copying the file to the exx/bin directory


Hi Stephan,

here is the resulting trace log.

Hope this will help, regards,