Idl extractor for WSDL.

I have generated xmm file from a WSDL using the Eclipse plugin (Workbench).
XMLRPCServer 7.3.4 (trying 7.3.3 gives the same problem)
Workbench 7.3.3
I have registered xmm file with de WS URL as a target server.
I make the CALLNAT from Natural and it’s works. The request arrives to XMLRPCServer, the XMLRPCServer comunicates with the WS. Data goes and return to XMLRPCSERVER. Translation from XMLRPCServer to Natural generates the problem. (everything OK on that file)

Thank you very much for your attention.
Any suggestion will be wellcome.
Sorry for my bad English.
SWXSgsp.xmm.txt (119 KB)
traceWithTheError.txt (1.09 KB) (141 KB)

Hi David,

You error, 2000 0077, indicates that the XML Runtime cannot interpret the incoming document. In this case it is the Web Service response it cannot interpret. There are a number of reasons why this might happen, maybe the most common of them all being that the response document used a different namespace than expected.
Later versions of EntireX have changed some so that this type of an error is quite rare.
I do not have a comparable environment but I believe you need only alter the namespace URI in the XML Mapping to match the web services namespace. Just deleting the value in the Mapping editor may also work.

I would normally suggest you open a support request but I see you are using a very old version of EntireX which is no longer supported. You should really consider upgrading to EntireX 8.2.1 which was just recently released.


The XMM specifies a namespace “http://sicalwin.sw.aytos” for all elements.

However, the response from the web service contains this namespace for the elements consultaOpeGastosPreviasResponse and return only. But not for cabeceraGastos, opg_acf etc.