WSDL generated by entirex mapping tool

I am generatiing WSDL from mapping. When I test mapping (XML tester), both Quick test and HTTP test(XML Servlet) works fine. But when I test wsdl generate from mapping using XML Spy, I get the following error:

My question is:
(1) Does incoming document means information coming from EntireX to XML Servlet? How do see in log the incoming document? (Currently log is not displaying).
(2) Is there any way to view in log files the steps XML runtime servlet go thru to convert the incoming document to SOAP Response?



I’m not clear on what you mean by “wsdl generate from mapping using XML Spy”. The WSDL should be generated from the EntireX Workbench. Once deployed, it can be read by XML Spy.

Check your XML Servlet settings. Be sure to specify a full path for the log directory, particularly on Unix.