A Very Basic Question

I have a very basic question and hope someone will help me. I have never worked with natural or any other mainframe. I am a java developer and trying to create web services. I will be using EntireX to generate IDL and Webservices from Natural Subprograms.

Is there any documentation where I can find the architecture or working of webservices created by EntireX? I know document for how to create Webservice and was successuflly able to create one but wants to know how things work behind the scene. For examlple, SOAP request comes to EntireX, EntireX call Subprogram, Subprogram fill PDFs with data and that data is mapped (mmx) back to SOAP Response. I am not sure this is correct. Please help. :shock:


Hello Rohit,

I think you have answered your question already correctly :smiley:

Please let me know if you need further informations.

Thanks Rolf for your response !

I guess I was not very clear on my previous question. The problem is that when subprogram uses Dynamic PDFs, EntireX fails to generate Websevices. One of the reason I am thinking is because in subprograms Dynamic fields can not to redefined (was told to me by Natural developer), all the data in is in one blob and therefore, EntireX fails to map it.

How to solve this problem?


Hello Rohit,

could you give an example of the Natural data area you want to use with Entirex ?