Incorrect WSDL generation in EntireX Workbench?

Currently we are using EntireX for a project for one of our customers. We use the SOAP 1.1 mapping to create an XML Adapter and generate a WSDL to invoke this ‘webservice’.

The problem is, that when I open this WSDL in IBM’s Websphere Studio Application Developer the ‘link’ between the generated Port and the generated Port Type is missing. Experimenting with WSDL4J showed the same problem.

It seems that there has to be a target namespace prefix (tns:) in /definitions/binding/@type and /definitions/service/port/@binding. After adding this prefix, WSDL4J ‘expands’ the WSDL document correctly and it also works in WSAD.

Is the generated WSDL by EntireX not in confirmation with the W3C standard? Or does WSDL4J make assumptions regarding the target namespace that is incorrect? Personally, I assume the first since WSDL4J is being developed as a JSR and used in many Java programs based on WSDL.


this problem has been fixed in a subsequent update to EntireX 6.1.1. I’d suggest you apply the latest patch (number 8) to your EntireX installation.

Regards, Dietmar.