WSDL Wrapper


Even knowing that Broker 7.2.1PL50 is no longer supported, I would like to ask to someone a simple question, and for now: yes, or no, it would be enough.

Does anyone know if this version would support WSDL wrapper on W2003?

I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could answer this question.

BTW, WSDL was recieved from developmement team and it was not generated by SDK, however, I need to generate XMM by SDK.



In general the version of the Broker is rather independent from RPC technology.

Or do you actually mean “EntireX version 7.2.1PL50” ?

Hi Rolf,

Yes, EntireX 7.2.1PL50.


Oh, I think this is the pre-Eclipse version of the Workbench 8)

This is really out-of-date …

You might give it a try, but I would strongly recommend to use a supported version - it might be sufficient to install just the Eclipse Workbench and use it for the WSDL extraction.

If you are asking “can the v721 workbench read a WSDL to generate the XMM”, the answer is yes. If you are asking if a specific technology that generates WSDLs is supported by the v721 workbench (e.g. VS2003? .Net?), you’d have to try it as many vendors have non-standard extensions and not all features of WSDLs are necessarily supported (particularly that far back - I don’t think there was support for import, for example).

Rolf’s suggestion would allow you to read most WSDLs and generate your XMM. The current workbench/wsstack will likely run with EntireX Broker v721.