Broker Internal error

I am getting the following warning in webmethods6.0.1 Broker Admin screen error log.Does any one know what it is.I am just publishing my Canonical to the broker and subscribing at the target side with the help of trigger.
Internal error – Broker “Broker #1” ET wm::is::Canonical::Invoice ref check vref->sub_ref -1.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Hi, SandyWM.

Is there any other information in the logs about this error? For example, do you know if the document was published to the Broker and that this error was thrown on the subscribe? Or, was the document never published at all? It may help to narrow down the origination of the issue.

Because the error message is not very clear, but you could try to step through your Flow and see if all of the steps are executing properly. Check the results tabs after each step to confirm that your results are matching expectations. This should also help you to identify the point of failure.

Remember to keep an eye on the logs and turn the debugging levels up a few notches if you have to.

Are you getting this error after publishing document in to broker?
or subscribing service triggered by trigger event??
I think if you changed structure in your structure document or changed
name in document structure,If you are not sync new document in to Broker
this will happen.Pl respond.