x-Broker compliant? Please help!


I don’t have any understanding regarding X-Broker. However, we are required to publish webservices which will be consumed by some other system which is not maintained by us. We have been told that they require the services that we publish to be X-Broker complaint. Now frankly, I don’t know what this mean. Search on Google also didn’t throw up anything useful. And I couldn’t find a person with good enough knowledge of X-Broker. I spoke to someone who has a faint idea about this. And he says the webservices we publish should accept a String (which will be a XML file) as input and should return a string (again an XML file) as output.

Also, currently we create webservices by creating stateless session beans and then using the “servicegen” task of weblogic to generate webservices to generate services out of them. So the same person informed me that the EJBs too should be such that it should have only one method per EJB which should be called “execute” with String (xml) as input and output.

But can anyone provide good explaination regarding what all we must do to make our services “X-Broker complaint”. Pointers on the internet also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Again, let me repeat. I am sorry if my post is bit vague or looks incomplete. I am afraid I dont know much about X-Broker. Please let me know if I should provide more information



Check the following…



If you are starting your SOA governance, I would suggest forgetting X-Broker and install newest wM 8.0 Mediator solution, since X-Broker has been substituted by this one.

I did not see a direct migration path (yet I had only a brief overview).

Starting with latest solution will avoid unwanted migration effords in the future.

Still if you are in the need to use X-Broker, remeber the web services are published to CentraSite, and there you create rules to deploy them into X-Broker using different policies.

Due the amount of different options and policies (and my little knowledge on them), raise a question with support, and if you are lucky enought not to be redirected to consulting services, let us know the answer :smiley:

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