X-Application Generator choice support preview


the attached zip file contains all files necessary to enable X-Application Generator to process choices (just extract it to your X-Application home directory).

This is a preview and these changes will be incoporated into the next release.

Please note, it’s a beta version and thus can contain bugs, but it should be worth a try anyway.

Since there’re already some I18N fixes contained in the delivered files. Generated pages are now UTF-8 coded. If characters outside non standard ascii are used, check the I18N fix topic in the Assistance forum.
Install the i18n fix first (if you need it).

Please test it, comments are welcome.

Stefan Schwalm

Software AG, Darmstadt

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generator_choice.zip (38.7 KB)


there’s one important thing I forgot to mention in the previous post:

In order to make the changes effective the commands build quick and afterwards build generator have to be called from inside your X-Application home directory.
This will compile the source files and update the generator GUI Servlet directory.
Now, only Tomcat has to be restarted and everything should work fine.

Sorry, if this delayed info caused any trouble for you.

Stefan Schwalm

Software AG, Darmstadt

This preview is included in X-Application 3.1.2.

Regards, Harald