Enhanced Browse- and LoopNavigation


this is a preview of two existing tags, with expanded functionality.
‘browsenavigation’ and ‘loopnavigation’ are now able to handle anchor ( ), innput ( ), text (containing wellformed HTML) and images (<img …> ).

Before refactoring both tags accepted different types of content for navigating through the result set.
Now both tags show the same behavior and they will still process existing pages as before.

The usage of X-Application version 3.1.2 is prerequisite.

Please read the readme.txt first in order to get the update/installation instructions in the attached file application_3122_navigation_expand.zip before updating your existing X-Application.

Any feedback welcome.

Regards, Thorsten
xapplication_3122_navigation_expand.zip (29.5 KB)


As written in the readme.txt of the just contributed enhanced ‘browsenavigation’ and ‘loopnavigation’ tags,
any HTML text is supported within text as long as it is wellformed.
Unfortunately we have found two demo pages containg not wellformed HTML within ‘browsenavigation’.

Your Applications created by the generator are not affected. The generator generates ‘browsenavigation’ tags
having wellformed HTML as body content.

The zip-file attached contains the two corrected demo pages.

For updating your X-Application environment just follow these steps:

  • 1. step: Download the contributed .zip file.
  • 2. step: Unzip the file in your Tamino X-Application environment on toplevel.
  • 3. step: (Re-)start your tomcat
    Tip: Delete the content of your Tomcat work directory
    to prevent irritations concerning Tomcat.

Regards, Thorsten
xapplication_3122_demopages.zip (5.38 KB)