New Tags available: select & count


this is a preview of two new tags that are intended to be released with a following X-Application version.
The usage of X-Application version 3.1.2 is prerequisite.

The new tags are:

  • count: Counts the the number of occurrences either in the current iteration context or a specified predefined context. It is also possible to count the result set of a direct query, this implies a better performance.
  • select: Fills an HTML select element with data from a query result. This allows arbitrary Tamino queries, e.g. sorting, increased performance,…
    It is intended to replace the fillselect-Tag.

Please read the update/installation instructions in the attached file before updating your existing X-Application.
The file index.htm is the entry point of the documentation.

Any feedback welcome.

Regards, Thorsten

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You can speed up the select tag dramatically if you change the source of to

it = sessionContext.getWorkspace().getStore().query(accessString , 10000);

10000 here stands for a large value. The effect is, that all fields are taken in one step from Tamino.
This mostly reduces the time to the pure query time in tamino server.

Regards, Harald

these tags are included in Tamino X-Application 3.1.3.

Regards, Harald