Changes in X-Application 3.1.2

We are preparing a new release of X-Application.

New features:
o Navigation within Loops
o Multiple browse Lists
o Insert an element at any Position
o Jsp Logging
o Jsp Tutorial

Version 3.1.2 includes some substantial internal changes. Most applications will not be affected
… except those that
o use embedded Java code in Jsp pages to access
X-Application data
o implement a Servlet to communicate with an
X-Application Jsp application
o implement additional tags derived from
X-Application tags.

We’d like to make sure that migration is as
smooth as possible for these application. If your
application is affected, please read the changelog
information below and send us your feedback:
o What information is missing to make the
changelog more helpful?
o From looking at the changes: do you expect
more areas that have to be adjusted
in your application?


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

Sorry … here’s the attachment I promised

Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

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