X-Application 3.1.3 available for download

A new version of Tamino X-Application is available for download.

New in version 3.1.3 is:

Extend the generic framework of Tamino X-Application with application-specific code.

Defining and Processing Flexible Queries
Create any type of query that corresponds with Tamino.

Support for Variables in JavaServer Pages
Query expressions can be parameterized using the setvar and getvar tags from the JSP tag library.

Wildcard Support (any)
The Tamino X-Application Generator now supports wildcards in schemas for application generation.

JDOM Access
Documents can now be modified via the standard object model JDOM. The Java API operates directly on JDOM.

For details please refer to the Tamino X-Application Release Notes, available as PDF File.

Note:Tips for migration are included in the changelog file inside the distribution file.

Regards, Harald