Writing custom content handlers


I am new to writing a custom content handler. I would appreciate if you could help me in this process.

I have referred the article present in ezine (http://www.wmusers.com/ezine/2002jul15_iandrosov_2.shtml) for creating the files TXTContentHandler.java and TXTContentHandlerFactory.java.

Kept the class files with the package path in the IntegrationServer\lib folder.

I created a java service for deploying and registering the content handler. I have written just two lines as mentioned in article along with few import statements. This also worked fine.

Now i wrote the flow service with the code provided and gave the input as file.

I ran my register service before.

Tesing: For testing the process, I was trying to set in the html form content-type as text/plain and tried to submit via the browser. I think this is not the right process. I would appreciate if you could help me understanding the process of testing.

version being used: 6.0.1