Write content to file from IS service output


I’m trying to make an event on myWM server.

I want it to look like this:

Find file → Take content of this file → Send it to service on IS → Service: do something with content → Write service output to file.

I can’t manage how to do this.

First step is to find file. No problem
Second step is to excute IS service with included file content. No problem
Third step, service makes operation and gives an output. Here I’ve problem

AT help states that in step “Executing an Integration Server Service” there is “Extract Service Output” which say:

In the Extract Service Output section, list the variables that you want to assign to the output parameters of the service and the path (iData path) of the output parameter.

The question is:

How this iData path should look like and how I can use this output variable from service in “Write content to file” step?

Is it possible to do this like this?

Hi, We are trying to do something similar.
Were you able to solve this?