Working with strings

How can I change lowercase letter to uppercase letter in XQuery? Is it any function or some other trick to do that? For example: private , that is what I have in original XML file, but after querying data I want to get Private .

Another question is: How to substitute strings in XQuery? How to search whole XML document and replace all found symbol ?>>? to ?> >?. For example if I have >> OUT I want to get >> OUT . I could not find function like substitute or something similar to that, what should I use.

I would appreciate your help.

It converted when posted, I meant >> to >&gt:

to &_gt;&_gt; you got my point.

Hi Dalius,

XQuery offers functions upper-case() and lower-case() to turn strings
into the requested case and translate() for more general character
translations. Miserably Tamino does not yet support any of the above.

However Tamino offers a rich toolset for retrieving strings that are
difficult to be provided literally. This toolset includes among others
regex patterns, highlighting and stemming. Please refer to the Tamino
docu for ‘text retrieval’.

To combine strings read from the database into new strings Tamino
already offers lots of suitable XQuery functions as substring(),
string-join(), etc.

But to convert right angle brackets into the respective escape sequence
is still a problem, since any XML-capable device reconverts it into
a right angle bracket.


Juliane has answered your question about the string functions (please be patient!) but I’d like to explore the angle bracket problem a little. In the data model, and angle bracket is just like any other character. Converting it between the escaped representation and the “real” character is the job of a parser, converting it in the other direction is the job of a serializer, neither is generally the job of the application (ie. the author of the query). So I’m trying to understand a bit better exactly what you’re trying to do.

Michael Kay

Big thanks to both of you guys. I solved my first problem using upper-case() and lower-case() functions and if there is no way or if it is complicated to solve my second problem I think I can get around that. Juliane and Michael I appreciate for your respond to my questions. Special thanks to Michael Kay for excellent book: ?XQuery from the Experts,? just few weeks ago I purchased this fine book and I think it will be big help for me learning XQuery.