I can't get some data from XML file by using XQuery

In my xml file I have couple tags from which I can’t get data. For exmp:

>> OUT

I need to get all attribute names so I write query:

for $c in document(“C:\QuiP_2.2.1.1\MyQuipFiles\FigA.xml”)//class
let $a := $c/attributes

{ $c/@name }
{ $a/@count}

{ $a/attribute/@name }


But appears that attribute is one of the key words in XQuery language and it highlights in blue as soon as I type it. If I change the tag name attribute, in my xml file, into attrib then I can cet data I need but this is not solution. Could you please help me on what syntax I have to use in order to solve my problem.
Thank you! Please help me, I appreciate!!!

Hello Dalius,

Tamino XQuery 4 follows an earlier WD of W3C XQuery, which uses reserved keywords.
That means the keywords of the language cannot be directly used as identifiers.
There is a not documented syntactical extension that allows to escape those keywords:

The use of a prefix token “:” is allowed on unprefixed QNames to visually distinguish tokens that are spelled the same as keywords. For instance, the following is a path expression containing the element names “for”, “if”, and “return”: :for/:if/:return.

for $i in input()/e1
return $i/:attribute

The newest version of the W3C Xquery draft
has abolished reserved keywords.
Therefore please note that a future version
of Tamino XQuery 4 will very probably no
longer support this syntactical extension.

Best regards
Tamino R&D

Thank you, Mr. Walter, very much for you help, it works.
Best wishes, Dalius