converting upper case letters to lower case


Im using Tamino XML Server.

In the database we have a column email id.The data that was entered contains both Capital letters and lower case letters which needs to be converted to lower case completely.

I tried to use lower-case() in XQuery but it throws an error which says function unknown.

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Looking here under Functions Ordered By Categories should help.


I tried
for $x in input()//text() return lower-case($x)
and it works fine. Are you sure you are using Tamino version 4.4?

Hey thanks a lot for the quick response.

Im currently using 4.2.1.


As I have told you Im using 4.2.1 .
I request you to help me how to convert upper case letters to lower case in this version.

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I am sorry, I do not have a 4.2 installation any more, as this version is out of maintenance



There are no case translation functions provided in 4.2. If you can’t upgrade to Tamino 4.4, then you will need to use a programming tool and the Java API or .Net API to modify your data.

It also possible that you may be able to write a custom SXS query function.

E.g. provide a Java SXS that wraps String.toLowerCase().

Vijayanand, sorry for posting here without answering your question …
but I was interested about this Java SXS wrapping.
Mark, can you please provide a link with some more information about this topic ? Implementation examples etc.

All the documentation for SXS is readable online:

I was thinking of an SXS query function. There is an example Java_Query.