wMUsers forums - where to find them?

To better support the wMUsers Forums move to TECHcommunity, as well as to improve the current navigation, we will introduce new webMethods categories and assign forums as shown below. The existing category webMethods will be deprecated and all forums will be moved to the new categories.

New Category : webMethods General

In addition to the Upgrade forum you will find here the following TECHcommunity forums: webMethods Announcements & News, webMethods Suite, webMethods Business Events, Mobile, Master Data Management (MDM), Best Practices, Configuration and Administration, Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting


New Category:webMethods BPMS


New Category: webMethods Integration

Migrated as separate forums into this category will be the following wMUsers forums:
Flow and Java services
webMethods EDI
Protocol and Transport
Broker JMS
Managing webMethods Broker

In addition to the Adapters and E-Standards and B2B Integration) forums you will find here the following TECHcommunity forums: Messaging and Integration & ESB

New Category: webMethods SOA and API Management

Category:webMethods Archived Discussions
these are the forums that will be migrated and available in read only mode

Release 7.1 Feedback
Managing webMethods 6 / 7
JMS Adapter
Mainframe Integration Server
SOA Governance (Centrasite Governance Edition)
If it doesn’t fit anywhere else
Managing webMethods Integration Server


Additional notes and call for feedback
The following wMUser forums will not be migrated since all relevant content exists already in other TECHcommunity forums :

webMethods and Integration News
News Feeds

Your thoughts and feedback on the forum migration and structure is very much appreciated! Please post your questions and comments here.

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Hi Team,

We have recently upgraded webMethods from 7.1 to 9.5 SP1 and facing an interesting and wierd issue with HTTPS port which is opened for a client application. While trying to access webMethods service using https port, user at client application is receiving the error as Access denied.

We had followed all the required procedures as part of allowing service under HTTPS Ports

  1. Initially userid has been created for an ACL under which we have allowed the webMethods service under HTTPS port. Same userid/password are being used in client application as part of Basic Authentication.
  2. SSL Port has been opened at Firewall and requests are coming through webMethods end.
  3. When we are directly accessing the flow service using https invoke, service is getting executed without any issue, however only when we are trying to access the same from client application, we are facing an access denied issue.

Any pointer in this regards is much helpful.

i have taken a stringlist in that iam taking ten names like(Ramesh,suresh,Rajesh,santu,josh,Ramesh,roshan,akhil,Ramesh,sadan).
so how when i run this the Ramesh should be come 3 times in the o/p.


Do not post it here as it is not the correct section to post your queries.

Find my comments here http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/techjforum/posts/list/0/20514.page#201647