Monitoring URL with port 8456

Hi Team,

We are setting up new WebMethod 10.7 application on our linux platform, we recently discover comparing with our old legacy systems: there is some monitoring URL is getting used along with port 8456.

We are not able to find any reference to it hence posting it here to know what monitoring URL used port 8456.

Thank you

8456 doesn’t appear to be a default wM port to me. I’m not fully familiar with the Metering Engine, but I don’t think it uses this port. Perhaps it’s a monitoring agent that you may be using.

Can you identify the process that is using that port?
If you can find the path of the script (i.e., process) that’s using this port, then it’s easier to examine that specific component.

Commands -

  1. Execute lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN with a user that has sudo privileges (or the wM installation user) and the example output is as follows -
    java 2972 webm 144u IPv6 22029 0t0 TCP *:8075 (LISTEN)
    java 2972 webm 817u IPv6 30362 0t0 TCP *:9999 (LISTEN)
    java 2972 webm 819u IPv6 30363 0t0 TCP *:5555 (LISTEN)

  2. In the above example, 2972 is the Process ID and this process is occupying 3 ports (8075, 9999, 5555) as seen on the far right.

  3. Once you have the PID, then execute ps -ef | grep <yourProcessID> and it will provide you the process info which will point you to the component that’s using this port.

The output of #1 depends on which user you’re using to execute the command - if you use root or a sudo-privileged user, then you’ll see all the used ports on the machine.

Share the output of #3 above, if you need further assistance.


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