WmtnrecBizDocEnvelope Structure

Hello Friends,
I need some basic information regarding BizDocEnvelope. It is as follows :

  1. When multiple users post transactions (files) to trading network having same triplet, is this possible that an array of BizDocEnvelope instances is passed to the flow service through processing rule at one go? Or it is guranteed that only one instance of BizDocEnvelope will be passed to the flow service (It means that if we have 3 BizDocEnvelope instances having same triplet as input, then the flow serrvice will be executed thrice rather once with 3 loop iterations, provided looping is done.

  2. When we can have multiple ContentParts within a BizDocEnvelope? Suppose we are posting a flat file in trading networks, then is this guranteed that there will only be one instance of ContentParts. If answer is No, then please explain me the cases where we can have multiple ContentParts instances with in a BizDocEnvelope especially in light of flat file.

  3. Can we create two processing rules with different "EXTENDED CRITERIA"conditions in trading network? Will it work effectively?

I request the responders of this query to reply point by point basis. If it is possible, then please send me some tutorial on this.


Some hints for your questions:

1)Only one instance of TN BizDocEnvelope will be passed to the flow service per transaction.

2)Only one contentpart will be received when you posting a flatfile.But if it is largeflatfiles which uses TN largeDoc handling then content parts(stream) will be in chunks of data based on the largedoc configuration.

3)Can you elaborate a bit more on your requirement using on this question.


I am grateful for the above two answers. As far as third point is concerned, I need to implement a case where two flow services are possible depending on the bizdoc size. Can I create two processing rules for the same triplet having different EXTENDED CRITERIA so that depending on file size, appropriate rule is picked up.