I’m trying to find the actual download for wmtestsuite, has anyone found it and used this tool in Designer? I get a lot of hits on Google, but when I go to this site there’s no download files: http://wmtestsuite.sourceforge.net/

thanks, Diane

Just like you I already posted the topic at


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Waiting for the response. Let me know if you find something. :slight_smile:

Were you even able to download it from somewhere?

Nope :frowning:

WmTestSuite is not available to download through empower. you have to work with your SAG Account manager or Sales Rep to get you copy.


thanks for the replies, yes I contacted our SAG sales rep and spoke with Global Consulting Services that offers this tool and the costs involved.

Hi Diane,

Did you check with them whether they provide a evaluation copy/free trial. Or any documentation on this?

It all depends on your sales rep if he\she can get you one. documentation is internal and may be it will be made available once you get license and installable files.

Thats bad :frowning: Forget it… Thanks

at least now we get free trail license for IS. hope for the best…

M@he$h, no we didn’t ask for a trial copy or documentation…the cost was way too steep for us and we weren’t too excited on how/what it does for you, we have other things we’re wanting to put our money into for WM at this time.


webMethods costs more :lol:

Just an update for anyone who is interested - WmTestSuite will be included (free) as part of webMethods 9.10 which is due for release on the 15th April 2016.


Thanks for the information, its really useful.

Hi Stephen,

Looks like WmTestSuite is not part of wM 9.10 release. Could you please confirm if I am wrong.

Looks like I was given some misinformation from the SAG account manager.

It is not going to be free.

I now understand it will be part of the “webMethods DevOps” offering SAG are working on for the 9.11 release in October.

However I have been told that the WmTestSuite should be made available via the Installer before then, but you will need to pay for it in order to be able to download/use it.

Bit of a bummer. Makes products like CloudGen CATE seem more attractive now.

If I hear anything, I’ll update this thread.

yup, WmTestSuite is not part of 9.10

DevOPS license gives you local service development plus WmTestSuite.

Stephen, i would be interested to hear about why CATE is more attractive. AFAIK one need to pay for CATE license.

Hi Mangat,

I haven’t used CATE yet but saw a demo and it was very impressive. Yes it costs money ($US10k per seat or $US70k for enterprise licence + maintenance fees)

The DevOps edition also costs money. I don’t know how much. Are you saying it is bundled with the Designer Workstation edition?


Stephen, yes as per the information i have DevOPS license bundles WmTestSuite plus Local Service Development (Designer WorkStation). it may change but this is what my understanding is so far.