Thanks guys and very good to know about WmTestSuite release schedule and looking forward for its GA :smiley:


Testsuite / DevOps Edition are available as standard offerings starting with 9.10, but they are specific licenses.

Maybe it’s time to switch to an Open Source alternative for testing IS services with Java :wink:

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wmTestsuite does not give you only the ability to call unit tests but also

  • Designer integration, manage you testcases in Designer
  • makes use of Junit, integrates with testing of Java services, you can make use of JUnit tools
  • Edit the in- and ouput with Designer like you are used for flow coding
  • Pipeline capture and save for in- and output
  • service mocking (quite an important one imho), test your service without the need for your backend to be available and with reprducable “backend” behaviour.
  • Integration into build tools via scripting (E.g. Ant, Jenkins, Hudson)
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If you are interested in WmTestSuite please contact your Software AG sales rep and you can get it now. It’s a part of 9.10 but is not on installer as yet. And the 9.10 version is backwards compatible with all supported webMethods versions.

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Hi Stephen,

We are exited to hear you are happy with CATE. please feel free to reach me at bhaskar.golagani@cloudgensys.com for more deeper understanding on CATE and see how it adds value.

Surya Bhaskar.

Hi Mangat,

Please reach me at bhaskar.golagani@cloudgensys.com to learn more about CATE.

Surya Bhaskar.

Open source testing is good but, how good it should be with an independent testing provider who can give you the real analytic s.

Surya Bhaskar

In the 9.10 New Features webinar on 29 June it is stated that as part of the 9.10 release, WmTestSuite will be available to download from Empower and will be added to the list of Installer components in the “October 2016” release. This is confirmed during the later question and answer session, with an additional comment that customers will have to obtain a license. I haven’t found it on Empower yet, so I will contact our sales rep.

Thanks Alastair for the note.

Can you please post the outcome from the sales rep and update this thread appreciated :smiley:


For your informatin, WmTestSuite (Unit Test Framework) (v2.2.1) is available as a standalone software download in Empower from wM 9.9 and 9.10 (if you have license agreement with SAG). I assume it will available for download via SAG installer from next release. As per my knowledge WmTestSuite is now part of DevOps tools and it will need a separate license (just like local service development). Talking to your sales representative will give you more details.

Hi Mahesh,

I have one question regarding of MWS & IS assets export without deployer?Please give me the sollution for this issue.



Is anybody working on wmTestSuite? I wanted to know about some functionality which I was not able to get it.

Shashi Kumar

Did you try CATE?

CloudGen Automated Test Engine for webMethods.

Shashi, Can you share your functionality question? i have worked on wm test suite and will try to answer.

Hi Mangat Rai,

Thank you for quick reply.

I wanted to know how to use Pipeline Filter and Mock Data Factory in wmTestSuite.

And also I wanted to know what kind of regular expression can be used while handling with StringList in wmTestSuite. (Ex: I have a flow service which appends the current date and time to StringList till the loop ends. As the flow service produce unique output on every execution, the test case fails every time. To handle such scenario I thought of applying regular expression to StringList in the expected output pipeline, but the issue is regular expression doesn’t work with StringList.)
Do you have any idea on how to handle the above issue using any regular expression or any other method?

Shashi Kumar

Hi Surya Golagani,

As my manager said, I have to work on wmTestSuite.
Anyhow, thanks for your reply.

Shashi Kumar


You can use regular expressions with arrays, which is what a StringList is. So lets assume you have a StringList named “dates”
which has the date and time pattern . You can use the following expression to access the first value and compare it to an regular expression:


with its value set to


If you want to check multiple values then you can also add more indices for other values.

Off course, the most flexibility can be had by using the WmTestSuite java API and then using an assert against the value returned. That will depend upon how comfortable you are with Junit and java.

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Good Luck :slight_smile:

I was reading through the WmTestSuite documentation (Working with WmTestSuite v2.2.1) that I was able to get hold for - which talks about several components/ feature it has.

What I was not able to understand and would like to know - once you have created your test suite (s) and execute them or the whole chain - where is the output of your execution stored to understand if the run was a success or not and whether what test cases failed and which were successful. Kinda of summary - is there any specific location that it is stored - or just displayed on the console.
Didn’t found any writeup about that in the document.