wMUnit Test Framework | How to create the test Suites under the Remote IS package

Needed to understand how can the test cases/testsuite be created under the webMethods package.

As per my understanding from the Unit Test Framework documentation the test Suite can be created under the “resources” folder in the Remote IS webMethods package and will stored on the Remote IS Linux Box. in order to create a testsuite under package, it needs to be visible in the “Package Navigator” window of Unit Test Framework. But in the “Unit Test Framework” Perspective in the designer I am not able to see the Remote IS webMethods packages in the “Package Navigator” window (can only see the packages which have Java code under it), thus not able to create the Test Suites on the remote IS.

Please confirm if my understanding that Test Suites can created and stored on the Remote IS in the package under “resources” folder. If yes, how can it be achieved ?

With wM Unit Test Framework, Tests have to created in a Local Java project only. However, you can point to any Integration Server of your choice i.e. in local/remote or in platform Win/Linux etc. to design and execute your tests. TestSuites are always executed against the default server, which has to be set in Designer Preference “SoftwareAG > Integration Server”. Please note that this Java project which contains the tests, does not always has to be deployed to the server.

For quick start, please use built-in package “Test Suite Example” which would create SampleTestSuite Java project layout. You can design new Test Suites and execute these tests against the linux based remote Integration Server that is available for you.

Let me know if could proceed in creating your tests or if you have some further queries.

Hi Sanjib,

Thanks for your response.

In case of multiple developer environment, how would you recommend managing the TestSuites.

  • One Test Suite per Java Project OR

  • All Test Suites in one Java Project OR

  • Share your experience, on how you had done this in your organisation with multiple developers

Also how can the test cases be invoked in case we want to implement CI/CD (i.e. run the testcase automatically before making deployment to higher environment)

A single java project can contain as many test suites as required. The real question developer might need to answer is what type of modularization is preferred or fit for the project. I would recommend to start with one project only.
Developers have to share this Java project with tests inside, though VCS, among themselves.

For headless execution of tests, there is a built-in Test Suite Executor project which contains required Ant scripts and targets which can be invoked against any local/remote Integration Servers. Configuring the same and executing through CI/CD tools such as Jenkins is fairly simple.

Let me share couple of topics which has very detailed info on this. Let me know what you think.

It may be a bit late, or out of scope for your efforts, but you might consider using a tool other than WmUnit. We decided against it in part because it is more of a “Java way” of doing unit testing than an “Integration Server way.” There is at least one other tool available that approaches unit testing the way you would expect in IS – in the way you were looking for tests to be developed/hosted on IS. For us, we created our own based upon the concepts of a (no longer available) tool where test cases are created using FLOW.

One of the reasons Integration Server found success and is still around is that one does not need to be a Java developer (though it is very helpful to know Java well). WmUnit does not really embrace that.

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