webMethods Cloud Container- Unit Test Framework(UTF)

webMethods Cloud Container - Unit Test Framework(UTF)


In this article, you will learn about Unit Test Framework which is offered on every tenant of Cloud Container by default. Unit Test Framework provides Unit testing capability on Cloud Container.

How to Use Unit Testing Framework

Create a Solution based on your need, I have created one with One Integration Server and One UM.

Unit Tests option is associated with every solution, please see below:

Click on Add test suite in order to add a Test Suite.

Click on Add Test Case

Provide Test Case name and Description. Click on Browse icon in order to select the “To be Tested Service” which is “getAccounts” in our case.

Select the “getAccounts” service from the Solution.

Click Select.

This browsed service doesn’t have any input. So, we will provide the Expected Output.

One can save the output of service in Designer, by saving the pipeline data. See below

In our case, Expected Output is an array of outputs that can be provided manually (By clicking on + icon which adds the array item and expanding the array item) or with a saved file by Clicking on “Load Data”. This is applicable for services which have input also.

Click on Save to Save the service and Click on run once.

See the Result of service Test.

You can see the history of Tests of all Test definitions by clicking on Test Results.

If you Drill down the Result, it will show you Test Suite Name i.e. “Accounts” in our case. If you drill down Test Suite then it will show you the Test Case name i.e. “getAccounts” in our case.