Debugging Services in webMethods Cloud Container

Cloud Container allows you to connect your on-premise Software AG Designer to the Integration Server(s) running in a container as part of the solution landscape.

You can debug Integration Server services using the Cloud Service Development perspective in Designer. The experience is similar to the way you debug services using Designer.

Note: The Cloud Service Development perspective is available in Designer 10.5_Fix6 and above.

To debug the services in Cloud Container

1. Open the Cloud Service Development perspective in the Designer and configure a connection to Cloud Container. 


The default configuration is indicated with a checkmark on the connections page. The designer always uses the default connection configuration for Cloud Container. If there are multiple connections configured, you can select the connection that you want to make it as default.

2. View the tenant details in the Cloud Explorer view and connect to the Cloud Container server.

The Cloud Explorer view displays the contents of the Cloud Container to which the Designer is currently connected. Click Connect to Server to log in. The designer will list all active solutions available for that selected tenant. Further, the solution displays all the packages available for the selected Integration Server in Cloud Container.

The following image displays a side-by-side comparison of two services:


3. Execute the services in Cloud Container using Designer.

In Designer you can select services and execute them by clicking "Run > Debug As > Debug Configurations"