webMethods Cloud Container Release May 2020

webMethods Cloud Container unlocks the power of API-led and DevOps-led integration, enabling organizations to build, test, connect and deploy their enterprise-scale software and applications quickly and automatically, simplifying the process of deploying integrations to the cloud. Professional developers can deploy from within Software AG Designer, a full-featured Eclipse-based IDE, directly to the Cloud. Release new products and services to the cloud with greater speed and flexibility to gain competitive advantages. Software AG does the landscape provisioning, deployment of integrations, fix management, patches, and upgrades, and CI/CD support in the cloud.

Here are the key highlights of this release:

  • Software AG Designer can connect to the Integration Server(s) running in a container as part of the solution landscape in the webMethods Cloud Container. This feature enables debugging of assets from Software AG Designer on that Integration Server in webMethods Cloud Container.
  • webMethods Cloud Container supports mocking of services to simulate a service execution that may not be available when a test case or a test suite is developed or executed.
  • webMethods Cloud Container has the capability to generate tests from the results of service execution is available. A successful run result generates a test which asserts the pipeline, and a result with error generates a test which asserts the exception.
  • With the Unit Test Asset Explorer, the user can view and access lists of all test suites and test cases for Integration Server assets using the Unit Test Asset Explorer.
  • webMethods Cloud Container now supports JSON document type created from JSON schema. This enables a user to view the JSON document type properties from the JSON schema section of the properties view.
  • webMethods Cloud Container has the provision to notify users about the potential need to restart Integration Server before promoting assets from one environment to another.
  • WebSphere MQ Adapter enables webMethods Cloud Container solutions to connect and exchange information with IBM WebSphere MQ message queue, and with other systems which uses WebSphere MQ message queuing as their information interface.

For more information on Cloud Container, check out this page TECHcommunity

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