What is WmTestSuite for UI

Can anyone give some information about that product, please?

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WmTestSuite offers various solutions to the User who wants to test his\her interested product’s features on UI.

One of them is an Agile Tester Tool. Agile Tester provides solutions to the Testers and Users of DevOps so They can accelerate UI Testing with automation.

Beta version of Agile Tester Tool is released and We are looking forward for feedback.

Would you like to have hands on it ? Lets know.

Hello Nimesh,

Yes, we are interested to know more about this. Could you please share more details.


Hi Mahesh,

Agile Tester can be used as one of the DevOps Tools to accelerate testing and operations.

It has two major components

  1. SAT Server
    Central Repository for Test Scenarios and Test artifacts.

SAT Client
Recorder and Playback

View demo from this link

Hello Nimesh,

I watched your 2-minute video and looks interesting.

Could you please share some documents on this, to learn more about the capabilities, configuration, and technical details?

Hi Mahesh,

Please, have email sent to you for further details.

Hi Nimesh,

Could you share some documents on WmTestSuite


Hi Chandra,

Please, find training links from corporate university; You can enroll to the course and get more details.

wMTestSuite hands-on

wM Unit Test framework

Agile Tester

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Hi Nimesh

Can you send us additional information about the SAT Testing tool. Does it test webmethods integrations or is it for some other SAG product ? The videos and information that is publicly available only shares generic automated testing information - I dont see any references to webmethods in that. It would be nice to see something concrete.
Note that we already have licenses for DevOps and plan to leverage the WmTestSuite/TestFramework products - but we’re not sure if that includes the SAT tools. Can you please shed some more light on that and provide some use cases of when we can leverage it ?

Also, the learning.softwareag.com links provided in your above post require authorization. I tried using both my empower and techcommunity credentials on that site and neither worked.


The links are all redirecting to empower.softwareag.com. Can you please share the process to register for the courses.

Hi Ashish,

It seems you dont have access permission. Please, have a talk to your GIS team and probably raise support OTRS ticket for this.

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Hi Nimesh,

I would like to learn about the wmTest suite. Can you please share the documents related to Test suite and JUnit Test API.


The docs are already on the empower to learn and use WmTestSuite. Note that for your POC you need to obtain the license.

Hi Ganesan,

Sorry This forum has scope for automation testing on UI / Functional UI Tests.

However, You can check out other forum Wm Unit

Reference :