WmTaskClient package didn't get installed

we are not able to see the package “WmTaskClient” under IS->package management from Admin console, Could one of you tell me, when this package gets installed, I mean when installing which IS component and how to get that package installed?

FYI…We have already checked process engine check box and other default components during installation.

Please shed some light on this…

I have the same problem

appreciate any help


On IS->package management, did you try to click on activate inactive package.

And also did you install Task Engine during your installation time. Can you share the screen of the components installed by again running the SAG installer.

thank you M@he$h for your help :slight_smile:

The Component in Installer is named similar to “Task Client Support” and you need to be licensed to TaskEngine to be able to download.

This Component “Task Client Support” is listed under IntegrationServer.

Additionally you require an TaskEngine Installation inside your MWS.