Configuring Task Engine to IS

In the 10.3 release Task Engine Server is present both in MWS and Integration Server. A process designer can choose which Task Engine to use in the Runtime. This document speaks about configuring the Task Engine Server in Integration Server. Following are the steps that need to be followed for configuring Task Engine Server in Integration Server.


The following three products needs to be installed in the Integration Server package
Integration Server

Business Console Support 10.3

Task Engine 10.3

Integration Server or Microservices Runtime Packages

Deployer 10.3

Post Installation Steps:

After installing the Co-located Task Engine follow the below post installation steps

1.    Configure Central User Management

a.    Login to IS with Username: Administrator password: manage

b.    Navigate to Settings->JDBC Pools

c.    Click Edit for Central Users and point it to the Associated Pool Alias to the DB being used.

d.    Restart IS

e.    Login to IS and Navigate to Security->User Management. Verify that the Central User Management is set to Configured

WmTaskClient Configuration 

a.    Login to IS

b.    Navigate to Packages->Management

c.    Click on the Home link for WmTaskClient package.

d.    Select In Proc for the Task Server and Click Save







Business Console configuration

a.    Login to Business Console Username: Administrator Password: manage

b.    Click on the extreme right side User icon and navigate to Administer Business Console

c.    Change the Task Engine URL to point to the IS server URL and select TE Server Type as IS








Design and Deployment of Task to IS

1.    Design of Task

There is no change in the Design time of the task. The task deployed to IS will be designed in the Designer in the same way as task deployed to MWS

2.    Deployment: Task needs to be deployed to IS using Deployer.

a.    The task designed in the Designer needs to be compiled using Asset Build Environment. In the file make the following property true: enable.buld.TaskEngine

b.    Using Deployer. In the Deployer configure the Task Engine Server and deploy the asset to IS Task Engine.

Note: In the Runtime task should be monitored from Business Console. 


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