WmSamples and Integration server 6.5


I’ve just installed Integration server 6.5 and failed to run a flow, which was built in 6.1 version, because we use sample.io.writeToFile from WmSamples package and it doesn’t come with the installer of 6.5.

Could you please tell where from can I download it, if it’s still available.

I know that there’s PSUtilities package, which can be used instead, but we would like to stay with the former one.

Thank you,

First, a best practice is to never directly reference an IS service provided in a sample package such as WmSamples, PSUtilities or similar. Instead, make a copy of the service you wish to use, add comments and make changes to conform it to your organizations naming and coding standards and place it in one of your organization’s common utilities packages.

That said, you can still download the WmSamples package from Advantage.


Ok. Thank you for the quick answer.

Hi Mark,

I’ve got another question. You’ve proposed us to customize the WmSamples package.
If we do so, are we allowed to redistribute the customized WmSamples with our package?



He didn’t propose to customize the WmSamples package. He proposed that you copy services from that package into your own. You are free to do whatever you’d like with your package, AFAIK.

The code samples contained in the WmSamples package are just that… samples. They are not intended for production use.

Make a copy, modify to meet your organzations coding standards (including documentation) and place them in your organization’s common utilities package.



Ok. Thanks a lot!