Do you have another Mbean server installed? Is this ‘out of the box’ installation? I had problems with my JBoss installation that I needed to reinstall to fix…things that appeared very randomly.

As an aside…WM won’t support JBoss going forward (and its filled with problems).

Hi Brian,
I installed WmJBoss and WmTomcat because WmMonitor 6.1.5 needs it.
So the installation was included in the normal IS-Installation from the internet.
I found the class MBeanServerImpl somewhere under WmJBoss/setup/patches/jboss-jmx.jar/classes/org/jboss/mx/server/MBeanServerImpl.class

But no class com/sun/management/jmx/MBeanServerImpl. Why can WmJBoss not use this class ?


You would not need JBoss to run WmTomcat. WmTomcat can exist without JBOSS.

I agree that Monitor should not need JBoss or Tomcat to be installed. On my package dependencies for Monitor (6.1) I only have WmPRT. And Tomcat is just WmRoot.

If 6.1.5 has these dependencies, I would open a ticket with WM to report the issue.

when you install JBOSS, it changes your wmtomcat package dependency.
I suggest try installing it without wmJBOSS.