JMX Monitoring without JBoss

Hi Everyone,

While we are using IS6.5 which does still contain the WMJBoss package, since its beign scrapped Id prefer not to use it in our project, however what are other people doing to get the jmx control console which you could from it before? Has anyone had an experience sticking in another product or leveraging WMTomcat?

Thank You!


I have had success using a third-party JMX toolset from AdventNet called ManageEngine JMXStudio a few years back. Not sure how its capabilities compare with the ones in the JBoss JMX console.


I also have the similar requirement , could you please help which tool we can use it. i am not able to download "ManageEngine JMXStudio " , i guess this tool is not available

We need to use it in webMethods 7.1.2