Monitoring Broker and Server

The administration of broker and services is made by System Management Hub. This tool can used only with a licence. But the first level support (FLS) only has to monitore and not to develope and administrate, and therefore the support should not get a licence with the whole functionality.

In that case we need a broker control center in a runtime enviroment like EXX5.3.1. The Command and Information Services (CIS) is a good tool collection, but no for monitoring with workaround.

In servline24 we have found the u4etx.jar with very good classes to develope a little broker control center application for our FLS. We have implementated the ConvObject and the ServiceObject. Whom can we send the implementations?

And now we need a additional function to ping all predefined ACI and RPC server to find problems in the runtime enviroments (like the Daemon Monitor in EXX5.3.1). Can I see the actual running state at a property or method or class? Or can I solve this problem on another way?


Grit Gentsch

Hi Grit,

you can simply ping an RPC server by using the ping() method in class RPCService.
For ACI servers this is not possible - the only possibility is to add something similar in your own server logic. For course you can also check the Server infos from CIS - but in this case there is no direct call to the server itself.

You can install one instance of System Management Hub with the run time install (no license required, I think) on a single server and define your FLS staff as users or administrators of that SMH. If you install it to server named “EXXSMH”, they would point their browsers to:
to connect to SMH from anywhere in your installation.