My webMethods doesn't access Integration Server and Monitor

Hi experts,

I have a webMethods 8 installation that is running fine. The installation includes IS server, TN server, My webMethods, Deployer, Developer, Designer, and Monitor as well as wMDB adapter, SAP Adapter and EDI components. I haven’t installed Broker, Optimizer and Report. The instance 5555 is working fine and packages and logs are not throwing errors, including WmMonitor. Transactions are processed as expected and everything is wonderful :cool:

I connect to http://localhost:8585 and enter username (Administrator) and password (manage), but I am not able to click on “Monitoring” or on “Integration” on the left menu.:eek: They appear not to be active.

Am I missing something from the installation? :uhoh: Monitor installation was really straight forward and all IS logs are active and pointing to the database (except server log which is pointing to the file system). Logs show no error of interest.:frowning:

I couldn’t even find where to configure My webMethods to tell it which port IS is using, so I assume it knows it because either they are installed in the same location (E:\softwareAG) or by scanning the Windows ports. :confused:

To add to my confusion, wM documentation refers to “Navigate > Administration > Business” but I can’t see “Business” in the menu of My webMethods.:angry:

Does anyone know what I should have done and I haven’t?:confused:

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jradr, I don’t know if you can see in MWS the Monitoring and Business menu if you don’t have Optimize installed, I allways install that. Just for check, did you made an environment deploy in MWS?

you need to install MWS UI’s for monitoring broker, service, business process, optimize etc… these are additional plug-in’s required apart from MWS server installation. So download these components, install them n then u’ll be good to go :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

Hi CAS. Thanks for your reply.

I could see Monitoring on the left menu under “Navigate” but there is nothing underneath it. :crazy: And I don’t think I have to install Optimize to be able to access Monitor. They are 2 different tools and Optimize requires a database to be configured which I am reluctant to do at the moment because my initial install of webMethods was a “complete” one and i have got crazy errors so I am going gradually:o. Monitor documentation does not mention the need to install Optimize at all yet it refers to “Business”.:sad:

Hi Devexpert,

I have installed the UI for IS and monitor and TN, but not for broker since I am not using it (my company does not use broker so I am not going to install it on my lab either). I still had the same issues. I then logged to My webMethods with user “sysadmin” (password “manage”) and went to Configuration > Install Administration > My webMethods and then ticked “Integrationmonitoring” and “TN” and installed the components (most were not installed yet). :crazy:

I then restarted IS and My webMethods (for no obvious reason) and that has made the “Integration Server” and “Monitor” items active in the left menu. :eek: I still can’t see he “business” item but this looks promising. :lame:

I am wondering why I did have to do changes in a hidden place to get Monitor running in My webMethods while it should have been a straight forward thing. :uhoh:

May I ask you if you have installed My webMethods and Monitor before, and if yes did you have to get anything (other than central user configuration) done for them to work together fine? :confused:


Thanks for one and all who gave me reply… and at last I got some solution…