Hi *,
I have a problem with WmDeployer. I have already created a project and created a deploymentset. So far so good.
Now I want to create a build and I get this error:
Error during extraction: Error extracting IS Package Utilities on source system ISE: Error remote invoking service wm.deployer.resource.extractor.is:extractPackage on system ISE: wm.deployer.resource.extractor.is:extractPackage

If I look at this component wm.deployer.resource.extractor.is:extractPackage on the file-System I cannot find it.

It is not delivered or what is the problem ?

Hope someone can help me.

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Hello Ralf,

Tom Dayton here with webMethods Deployer Product Development. I think there is a simple solution to your problem.

There is a package called “WmDeployerResource” that must be installed on all Integration Servers you are using as “sources” for your Deployment project. This resource package contains lots of services remotely executed by the Deployer in order to do its job.

System ISE would need this WmDeployerResource package installed, for example. Note that the Integration Server running the WmDeployer package could also be considered a “source”, in which case you’d need to install the WmDeployerResource package there as well.

Happily, the WmDeployerResource package is easily installed using the Deployer user interface. Go to the Servers, IS & TN, page and select the “install” checkbox for each Remote Server listed that can be a “source” for your Deployment Projects. Press the “Install” button and Deployer will remotely install the WmDeployerResource package to the indicated servers.

Assuming this goes well, you should be able to go back and successfully Build your Project. Please let us know how this goes.


Hi Tom,
thank you for your very useful answer! Even 14 years later, it still applies. Strange though, I would expect such an inconvenience to be removed after so many years.

Best regards,

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