WmDeployer 10.15 checkpoint failure

Getting below error in deployer 10.15 while trying to create a checkpoint for deploying to the old 10.1 server. The remote alias for 10.1 connects fine and the simulation is fine too except the checkpoint. After DEV, the checkpoint creation is mandatory before we proceed to deploy.

[DEP.0001.0090] Error extracting file(s) on source system "server": [DEP.0006.0010] An error has occurred while invoking the service pub.remote:invoke remotely on the system "server". The service has failed with the following exception : com/wm/deployer/common/CommonUtil. Refer the Integration Server logs for more details.

Have anyone faced a similar issue?

I don’t think anyone can help you from a single log entry. Please provide the rest of the logs and related server.log entries from the target (10.1) integration server and your installed fixes on both environments. You can mask confidential information such as dns names or ip adresses.

Based on the error you mention, you should check the Integration Server logs for more detailed information about the error. You can post it here.

You should check that the source server is reachable from the Deployer. Check network connectivity, firewall settings.

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We have narrowed down this issue to connectivity issue between 10.15 deployer and 10.1 targets. Strangely the 10.15 deployer resource package was getting pushed automatically to 10.1 target IS whenever I test the connection from servers->IS&TN of 10.15 deployer. When I deploy the 10.1 deployer resource package to 10.1 targets, then the connection works but the previous point repeats whenever I test. Currently SAG R&D is investigating this issue.