WmDB depracation


Can anyone tell me what the company’s future plans are for wmDB? Would it be depracated? If so, when exactly? If not, will it still be supported by webMethods? And for how long?

We would like to know so that we can plan for a conversion to JDBC Adapters as soon as possible in the event wmDB gets depracated.

I appreciate your response. Thanks.


Currently WmDB in 6.x is not deprecated and regarding future plans you can directly contact WM sales Rep in your region and decide your architecture for proceeding to JDBC Adapter…

But so many clients switched their DB interfaces to JDBC Adapter,for more performance, and to avoid future conflicts…

May be someone have asked this question with WM already,please share the idea…


RMG, FYI, here is the response I got out of the WM Advantage site…

We strongly recommend that customers use the WmDB package for prototyping purposes only and instead use the JDBC adapter for all enterprise, mission critical applications. We currently have no plans to deprecate the WmDB package but we dont plan to enhance it either. We do recommend that you use the JDBC adapter for all the reasons listed in the users guide.
wM Prod Mgt

So moving to JDBC Adapter is the better option for you.So that you can save time in future upgrades/releases since WmDB have no more further enhancements.



Can anyone provide some more information on this topic? Are services developed using wmDB compatible with JDBC adapter? is the upgrade from wmdb to jdbc adapter simple? Please send some information on this.

thanks everyone.

Services that use WmDB are not “compatible” with the JDBC adapter.
The “upgrade” process is to rewrite all the services that use WmDB to use WmJDBC. Review the IS Built-in Services Reference for information on using WmJDBC and you’ll quickly see the differences between the two.

In Lyndon’s post above wM Product Mgt said “We strongly recommend that customers use the WmDB package for prototyping purposes only…”. I’d take that a step further–I’d recommend that customers never use WmDB. It will go away eventually and using WmJDBC is no more difficult than using WmDB.


I agree with Rob and you have to migrate manually recreate the developed WmDB interfaces with WmJDBCAdapter connections.Please go thru the JDBCDAdapter docs prototype with one existing connection you will find easy if it goes thru the interface to DB.

But you can still use WmDB existing connections as long it works in 6.x but for new projects using JDBCAdapter is the ideal way.